VELUX Architects Competition -
The Award Winners

At the award ceremony on 15th June, in the course of the Daylight Symposium in Basel, Chris Schroeer-Heiermann from Cologne received the first prize for his conversion of a three-party house.

Award Documentation 2022

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1st prize l Conversion of a three-party house

Schroeer-Heiermann, architect, Cologne
© Chris Schroeer-Heiermann
You can feel the course of the day and also experience the different temperatures that the different times of the day bring with them. Chris Schroeer-Heiermann
Jury statement

Rarely is daylight used so consistently in multi-storey residential construction as in this renovation project, whose radicality only becomes apparent when looking inside. With great artistry, the architects have taken on an apartment building that had no façade openings on the south side.

Externally, the renovation is characterized by understatement. It reinforces the historical qualities of the stock instead of concealing them. Inside, only a few additional skylights create diverse and surprising lighting situations. The building openings themselves remain hidden from view – the focus of the concept is on indirect light and grazing light, which cleverly stages the spatial contours.

Vertical connections across several levels make the apartments appear larger than they actually are. Again and again, wall and ceiling openings open visual axes even in unusual places and arouse curiosity about the origin of daylight.

2. Price l Kindergarten Binzmühle

Melk Nigg Architects, Zug
© Melk Nigg
With our design, the children are protected in the interior under the roof and at the same time experience sun, clouds, rain, snow and wind. Melk Nigg
Jury statement

Form, construction, space and light – all the essential elements of architecture come together in this kindergarten to create a skilfully playful synthesis that fits perfectly with the task of building for children. With its polygonal shape and stepped façade surfaces, the new building deviates pleasantly from the blockiness of many contemporary wooden buildings.

The symmetry of the floor plans and the asymmetrically shaped, tent-like roof form an exciting contrast. The architects have consistently taken on the "fifth façade" and at the same time the most important light source of the house. The circular daylight openings and the complementary electric luminaires form an atmospheric planetary sky above the open play and movement rooms on the ground floor and the more intimate retreat areas on the upper level.

The rooms look spacious, at the same time convey a sense of security and are therefore child-friendly in the best sense of the word.

3rd prize l St. Marien Community Centre

Nehste & Gerstein Architects, Hanover
© Philipp Nehse + Franziska Faber
Skylights between the wall panes illuminate the room centrally and characterize the spatial-sacral atmosphere. Nehse & Gerstein Architects
Jury statement

Even with a few daylight openings, great effects can be created – the community center in Laatzen near Hanover proves it. With its red brick shell, the building sets a self-confident, contemporary accent, but very suitable for the location in the village center.

Inside, the building surprises with an openness and generous natural lighting that you would not expect at first glance. The almost sacral lighting effect in the hall is created by a room-in-room concept that does not require any closed surfaces. Instead, the architects work with multi-layered intermediate areas graded in their brightness.

The white wall panels under the skylight strip channel the light and scatter it into the room at the same time. In direct sunlight, they create varied plays of light and shadow, in diffuse light a pleasant basic brightness, which finds its logical counterpart in the large views of the outdoors on the opposite side of the facade.


All nominations provide clever and sometimes unconventional answers to the respective construction task. Above all, however, they demonstrate a wealth of ideas in dealing with daylight and surprise with a spatial effect that the buildings do not allow to guess from the outside.

Find out more about all six nominated projects, jury statements and a detailed interview with architect Chris Schroeer-Heiermann in the documentary for the VELUX Architectural Competition 2022.

Award Documentation 2022

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„The bathroom receives warm basic lighting on both sides via the perforated wooden louvre façade. This is complemented by the zenith light of the two diagonally offset skylights.“

Ansgar Staudt

© Mark Niedermann

Dapples, extension of existing buildings

„With its gable roof inspired by the mansard roofs of the surrounding houses, the 1960s building continues the legacy of this historic district of Lausanne.“


© Michel Bonvin

Logistics center with administration Promega

„All constantly used areas are designed for the best possible use of natural light in the workplace, whether along the façade or towards the atrium.“

haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050

© Roland Halbe

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